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Irredeemable (2009) #5


This issue went for a buck so I assume it’s suppose to be a jumping on point, but it’s kind of not. At all. There are a ton of characters introduced here–maybe we’ve seen some of them before, but this issue is the first time when, well, anyone is even mildly important in this comic book except the Plutonian.

There are a couple particularly striking moments in the comic. First is the opening, when the Plutonian goes on TV and threatens people for saying negative things about him (in their private lives). Moments like this one really show what a good job Waid is doing with the series. It shouldn’t work, it should be silly. Instead, it’s terrifying.

The second moment is the reveal of the Plutonian’s sanctuary. Not sure if it’s Waid or Krause’s idea, but it looks like an old serial hero’s hideout. It’s a lovely touch.

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