Secret Wars II 3 (September 1985)

75604.jpgThis issue the Beyonder takes over the world only to release it when he realizes how borrowing ruling the world can be. It’s like a sitcom. I can’t believe Shooter thought he was doing a reasonable job. Again Shooter does pace the comic really well–lots of time passes, lots of stuff happens–but the story itself is so lame.

What’s worst about the issue is how noneof it matters. By the end of the comic, everything done has been invalidated (the Beyonder, beyond being able to mind control the entire planet, can also erase memories). I’m sure Shooter’s point was to show the Beyonder learning something, but having him do it in a Saturday morning cartoon version of the gritty New York streets (pleasant pimps and hookers with hearts of gold abound, not to mention the kindly crime boss).

Or am I giving Shooter’s artistic ambitions too much credit?


This World is Mine!; writer, Jim Shooter; penciller, Al Milgrom; inker, Steve Leialoha; colorist, Christie Scheele; letterer, Joe Rosen; editor, Bob Budiansky; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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