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7 Psychopaths (2010) #1


It’s not like Sean Phillips doesn’t work. He does. He works steadily. But I still get an intense thrill out of seeing his new comics, like I haven’t seen them in a while or enough of them.

7 Psychopaths–which might be French, but feels a lot like The Dirty Dozen in terms of pacing (lots of emphasis put on the formation of the team)–gives Phillips the wonderful opportunity of doing a period piece. He must have done them before, but I don’t remember them. His forties England is fantastic and I’d love a Phillips print of the Empire State Building (sans the swastikas the image has here).

Vehlmann’s script is very good, which surprised me a little. A lot of attention is paid the dialogue, something I never expect with translated works.

While I was looking forward to the comic for Phillips, it offers quite a bit more.

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  1. What these two do in just three issues (an album?) is just outrageous when compared to their U.S. counterparts. Keep reading!

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