Frank Miller’s Robocop (2003) #9

Fmr 9

Here’s what I can’t figure out–there’s this interspecies kiss between Robocop and Lewis in this one and then Robocop goes rogue, like some kind of vigilante–why the hell do Frank Miller and Steven Grant and the boys at Avatar think someone without nuts–without sex organs of any kind–is going to be getting all passionate on his partner. His partner who he has one scene with in this entire stupid comic book.

Frank Miller’s writing sucking isn’t new. It didn’t start with All Star Batman or whatever; he was a lousy writer from the start. And I write that sentence loving Batman: Year One and lots of Dark Knight Returns and a couple of the Sin City series. His Robocop is an unholy monster; Avatar did a disservice to the franchise printing this crap.

Of course, taking nearly three years to publish it is something else entirely.