Frank Miller’s Robocop (2003) #8

Fmr 8

Once again we have the almost naked Officer Lewis bossing everyone around and it’s better than usual. The entire issue would have probably taken about four minutes on film, which is about how long it takes to read. One has to wonder what the Robocop producers thought when they read this script–and how long it took them to bring in a good writer like Walon Green to fix Miller’s crap.

But since it is an action issue, I can’t tell what’s going on. I can’t even tell when Ryp’s trying to draw an explosion. It could be anything yellow, like a mold or something. The comic fails on almost every level, except Grant does manage to get some sympathy for the beseiged police officers.

It’s cheap sympathy sure, but at least he’s finally realizing the reader should care about someone in the story, even if it’s almost over.