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Captain America (1968) #308


Reading old DC comics–well, not old, but late seventies and early-to-mid eighties, I’m taken aback by the lame one issue villains they sometimes have. Gerry Conway did a lot of these on his Batman run, as far as I can tell. This issue of Captain America shows Marvel did it a lot too and, well, worse.

This issue opens with Cap breaking into the West Coast Avengers mansion or compound or whatever–it’s a chance to hype the coming West Coast Avengers series presumably–and then he gets into this long fight scene with a new villain, the Mexican-American Armadillo, who works for a super-mad scientist who no one seems to have heard of before and it kicks off some melodrama.

The writing’s competent (the end’s lame though, real lame) but the art’s awful. Cap’s face is often incomplete (no nose).

What a strange comic.

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