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Robocop 3 (1993) #3


Actually, I’ve changed my mind about Nguyen’s art. It’s not, you know, in the artistic sense, any better, but it’s like he’s doing a Mad magazine adaptation here. He’s trying to fit everyone he can into each panel. Heaven forbid Dark Horse had tried some imagination with their Robocop license and turned this one into a six issue limited without all the truncating and maybe dealing with the kissy-kissy between Robocop and his doctor, but in lieu of that approach, they should have done it as a farce. They should have aped the movie, because Nguyen is geared toward it and you get the idea Grant knows the crappy dialogue he’s using from the script is crappy.

I’m kind of glad I stopped reading Dark Horse by this one; I don’t have a negative view of them. I’m sure if I’d spent $7.50 on this dreck, I would have.

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