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Robocop 3 (1993) #2


I always forget how ugly some nineties art can be. Nguyen’s fairly competent, I mean, I can recognize his characters, even if the facial details leave something to be desired and he’ll occasionally layout a panel well, but his Robocop is bulky and gross. It looks like a five year-old’s Robocop, certainly not a sleek, streamlined future machine. Nguyen’s way too expressive for this comic, way too loose, since Grant’s script is completely locked down.

The one moment where the comic is mildly interesting is when Robocop’s new girlfriend seems ready to make out with him. I don’t know if Grant got that from a script or if he came up with it himself, but it’s incredible and it’s a shame they don’t do anything with it. At all. I mean, it’s about as discreet as a daytime soap, but it’s at least interesting.

Otherwise, the comic’s a bore.

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