The Unknown: The Devil Made Flesh (2009) #1

Unk dmf 2009 1

No way, Waid came up with a genuinely compelling mystery? The setting is lame (Italy?) but the way it plays out is like a solid film noir, even if the art’s still problematic. Oosterveer seems to have improved at the beginning, but it’s not long before he’s drawing Doyle like Gorilla Grodd’s albino twin brother again. Then the women show up and it’s all cleavage, all the time.

But the story’s definitely better this time–until it inevitably turns into some religious nonsense, which probably will happen in the third issue.

Waid’s too determined to globe trot with these characters, who could be interesting, but only in a confined setting. Sherlock Holmes never went to Morocco.

Also, Waid seems uncomfortable to put Allingham in any gender-based physical danger, but such a situation would tell a lot about the character. But character certainly isn’t the point of his writing here.

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