Agents of Atlas (2009) #8


Maybe I need to take a break from going through these straight because everything’s starting to run together. I’d totally forgotten Suwan (not just the name, but the character), though seeing the team in action against the Hulk is fun. Unfortunately, Pagulayan is back and there’s, once again, something way too finished about his art for this book. Maybe for the “Dark Reign” issues I can see it, him doing the “new” Marvel house style, but as Agents of Atlas starts to figure out what it’s going to do without being a tie-in series, he just seems wrong. He spends way too much time on the Hulk’s hair styling, for example.

Lots of references to stuff in between the limited series and the ongoing to confuse the heck out of me, but Parker does well, even in with the “Dark Reign” constraints still somewhat present.

They need some fun.

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  1. vernon wiley

    The fact that Parker can work within the Dark Reign shoehorned in and pack a complete story involving his own characters is quite a feat. I rather like Pagulayan's work, he's a natural action artist on a heavy action book, and his fight scenes show a deft amount of choreography, a talent missing in about 90% of superhero books these days. The contrast between his modern time and "Hardman(?)" on the past plots works well for me. The device where Parker can explore two adventures of the group at the same time is seamless, and another caveat for this unique book. The chemistry or understanding between the writer and the artists cannot be shortsighted either. Each issue is packed with little side devices that just add more flavor to the book. The "battle" between Spiderman and Venus is a real stitch. I almost cannot wait for you to finish the last three issues that wind all this up so I can back comment some more. The idea that Parker and his artists can work such a huge cast and yet introduce more subplots (look for the dragons), gives me hope that there's still some hope for mainstream comics yetz.

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