The Unknown: The Devil Made Flesh (2009) #2

Unk dmf 2009 2

Ugh. Okay, on the good side, Waid seems like he’s going to leave Doyle dead (which brings up the further question–why did Waid bother creating the character to kill him on his fifth issue, it’s kind of like what’s her face in The Dark Knight). Additionally, Allingham’s a lot less obnoxious when she’s not all-knowing. But the new assistant as the double agent thing, it’s a disaster.

Apparently, the serial killer they were after has the money and connections to have a busty female sidekick who can transport people to Italy and distract them so the serial killer can continue his work. It all has to do with the little boy in town, no doubt, who apparently has a “Twilight Zone” power–the entire town is in his imagination (wasn’t that reveal a Star Trek episode too?).

Still, a lot better than Waid’s last attempt with this one.

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