2000 AD 7 (9 April 1977)

Poor Judge Dredd. Even with a great page or two from McMahon–he does better with full scenes, not trying to summarize–the story ends on a lame pun from Shaw. Worse, there were some obvious better ones. Invasion has decent art from Sarompas, Flesh has a possibly good setup for the next issue (at least in […]


2000 AD 5 (26 March 1977)

It’s a distressingly tepid issue. Even with Judge Dredd fighting a giant robot gorilla–or maybe because of that emphasis on absurd bigness. The Dredd story does look good though–Carlos Ezquerra bakes dry humor into every panel. The opening Invasion story is a bore. Finley-Day’s just writing dialogue for action scenes and he’s not particularly good […]