Peter Snejbjerg

Marlene (1998)

Marlene is an awesome comic. It’s far from perfect–the story anyway–but it’s definitely awesome. To get the problems out of the way, it’s Peter Snejbjerg’s protagonist. He’s a brilliant but aging tough guy detective who can take anyone in himself, but can’t bring himself to call his wife. Even though the comic takes place in […]


The Boys 14 (January 2008)

Ennis doesn’t go for big action in the arc’s finale. He gives Hughie and the Russian guy a little adventure, then goes for humor when bringing in the rest of the team. The Frenchman does get some time, but the Female could have taken the arc off. Ennis just doesn’t have any use for her. […]


The Boys 13 (December 2007)

For most of this issue, Peter Snejbjerg fills in on the art and it completely changes the tone of the book. It’s most obviously with Hughie, who Snejbjerg gives wide Eisner eyes. The Boys becomes more emotive and a lot more fun. It’s particularly interesting during the dramatic finish, when Hughie’s the only primary cast […]