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Chase, in Prose (2011, Bryan Jones)

Chase, in Prose has a couple big problems. First, Matthew Weston’s photography is terrible. Prose is shot on DV and Weston has no idea how to compensate for the format. There’s also a constant shakiness, which might be some poor style choice of director Jones’s.

Second problem is believing lead Byron Asher is a world famous author who writes about a serial killer (I think it’s supposed to be “Dexter”). Asher’s good, even getting through some of Jones’s tougher writing moments, but he can’t sell world famous author.

He’s having trouble writing and starts palling around with a girl (a fantastic Laura Baranik). Ludicrous plot developments about the devious machinations of bestselling authors’ agents occur throughout.

But Jones is a good director and he directs actors really well. Max Loh’s music is somewhat underutilized, but it’s excellent.

Prose should be a great short… it’s too bad about the silly stuff.

1/3Not Recommended


Written, directed and edited by Bryan Jones; director of photography, Matthew Weston; music by Max Loh; produced by Mark Hodgson.

Starring Byron Asher (Adrian Chase), Laura Baranik (Petra Kripac), Matthew Blood-Smyth (James Goodman), Heather Gibbs (Sarah Young), James Lambert (John Guyett) and Peter Hosking (Max Morris).


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