Mike Mayhew

Zorro 2 (February 1994)

I tried, I really did. However, I’m not sure how anyone could tolerate Zorro. It’s beyond awful, beyond boring. I can’t figure out how the thing sold enough issues to get up to ten, or however long the series ran. I mean, it was the 1990s and all, but come on… no one would like […]


Zorro 1 (January 1994)

Oh, good grief, McGregor makes a Batman “joke” about the cape this issue. It’s kind of embarrassing, really, given he’s a writer of some reputation. Then a Spider-Man “joke,” then a Spawn “joke” (I forgot about Spawn… they still make those, right?). Otherwise, it’s a very pedestrian done-in-one featuring Zorro saving a kidnapped lady (who’s […]


Zorro 0 (September 1993)

Talk about an anachronism… McGregor’s got a line of dialogue about people in capes flying. Zorro takes place in the 1800s, which might be a little before Superman, but I’m not sure. McGregor also does all his mountain man (the villain) dialogue in a Deliverance dialect, which is sort of effective, since it makes one […]