The Star Wars 3 (November 2013)

288497 20131106162300 largeAnd once more, The Star Wars is interesting again. Rinzler introduces a lot this issue–the original Lucas treatment must have been a disaster, as even the issue is plotted like a movie serial where a new major character is introduced every four minutes.

Except in this comic, the major character relates to the Star Wars movies already made, so one gets to see how things changed. In some ways, this series reads like a good version of the prequel trilogy, like there’s a low ceiling on how far Lucas can go with sci-fi action without a lot of help.

Mayhew’s art is also rather good for the first half of the issue. The droids show up and he does well with them and the desert setting. Later on, he loses track of them and Princess Leia during a lengthy vehicle action sequence. It’s too confusing.

Still, interesting stuff.


Writer, J.W. Rinzler; artist, Mike Mayhew; colorist, Rain Beredo; letterer, Michael Heisler; editor, Randy Stradley; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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