Zorro (1993) #1


Oh, good grief, McGregor makes a Batman “joke” about the cape this issue. It’s kind of embarrassing, really, given he’s a writer of some reputation. Then a Spider-Man “joke,” then a Spawn “joke” (I forgot about Spawn… they still make those, right?).

Otherwise, it’s a very pedestrian done-in-one featuring Zorro saving a kidnapped lady (who’s loose, but Zorro don’t go in for that business, he’s got virtue). McGregor loads the comic with action setpieces, apparently because he doesn’t have any real story to tell. There’s a volcano, lots of fighting, an earthquake, horses, horses jumping, it goes on and on.

McGregor goes through the trouble of wasting pages and pages of exposition to kill off the villain at the end of the issue. He also writes in the second person, directing Zorro, in what might be the most embarrassing thing I’ve read in quite a good while.

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