Mario Hernandez

Love and Rockets #50 (May 1996)

Love and Rockets #50 is a perfectly solid issue of Love and Rockets. Beto’s Palomar farewell is outstanding in its execution, with him employing a lot more comic strip-influenced narrative techniques than usual. He doesn’t have enough room, it’s clear, and some things are rushed. Mario’s back for the finale too, which is fitting since […]


Love and Rockets #40 (January 1993)

Love and Rockets #40 is a surprising issue. Beto’s Poison River finale is a surprise, lost Los Bros brother Mario contributes his first material in at least seven years, and Jaime gives Maggie her own story for the first time in a while. Not seven years but almost seven issues? Jaime opens the issue. Maggie’s […]


Dark Horse Presents 100 5 (August 1995)

Only in Dark Horse Presents can you open with Art Adams and close with Paul Pope. The Adams Monkeyman and O’Brien story appears to be some kind of homage to Plan 9 from Outer Space. So maybe Adams’s terrible dialogue is in line with that approach. Regardless, it’s fairly awful. Then Hernandez has an utterly […]