Adriano Batista

Jennifer Blood 3 (May 2011)

If I wanted to give Marcos Marz the benefit of the doubt, I’d say his style is meant to resemble those shampoo advertisements in hair saloons. The eighties looking ones with the sparsely illustrated woman in sunglasses. But I don’t think he’s going for that effect. I think he’s really just a bad artist and […]


Jennifer Blood 2 (March 2011)

Ennis is still being a little coy about Jennifer Blood’s backstory–she’s not really a vigilante, she’s out for revenge against her crime lord uncles. She’s killing one an issue, which means things either need to complicate soon or it’s going to get boring. It seems, from this issue, the complication might come from Jennifer’s new […]


Jennifer Blood 1 (February 2011)

Is Garth Ennis trying to make some Hollywood money? Jennifer Blood seems perfect for a movie or, better yet, an FX series. A suburban super-mom is secretly The Punisher. “Weeds” with guns instead of pot. Ennis has written strong female characters in the past–sometimes exaggerating them to ludicrous extremes–but I think Blood is his first […]