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Jennifer Blood 1 (February 2011)

Is Garth Ennis trying to make some Hollywood money? Jennifer Blood seems perfect for a movie or, better yet, an FX series. A suburban super-mom is secretly The Punisher. “Weeds” with guns instead of pot.

Ennis has written strong female characters in the past–sometimes exaggerating them to ludicrous extremes–but I think Blood is his first modern female protagonist. He had at least one in Battlefields. He goes out of his way to make Jennifer very normal, but it ends up getting him into trouble.

He does first person through her diary and doesn’t go far enough. The issue ends with her husband getting randy in the middle of the night and Ennis doesn’t give any insight into her boredom. Or maybe Adriano Batista’s art just fails.

Batista’s not ready for prime time in general.

The comic’s interesting, but only because it’s Ennis. On its own, it’s not.

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