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Jennifer Blood 2 (March 2011)

Ennis is still being a little coy about Jennifer Blood’s backstory–she’s not really a vigilante, she’s out for revenge against her crime lord uncles. She’s killing one an issue, which means things either need to complicate soon or it’s going to get boring.

It seems, from this issue, the complication might come from Jennifer’s new neighbors. The husband’s going to be an alpha male psychopath or something. The issue’s worst moment is when Ennis expects the reader to believe Jennifer’s husband would actually ask the Nazi-looking dude if he’s a bird-watcher.

I was expecting Jennifer Blood to get repetitive, but not on the second issue.

Ennis also runs into some more troubles with the diary-based first person narration. Is he really expecting the reader to believe Jennifer goes through it to remember to do items?

And Batista’s art seems to be getting worse. The issue’s art problems are immediately obvious.

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