Defending Jacob (2020) s01e06 – Wishful Thinking

Last episode they were at like seven weeks from the trial, now it’s ten days before the trial. Apparently nothing interesting happened in five weeks, which is believable given “Defending Jacob.”

The episode opens with Chris Evans and lawyer Cherry Jones looking at the dead kid’s cellphone, which prosecuting attorney Pablo Schreiber was going to keep secret because Schreiber’s a dick. Schreiber also baits Evans about his dad being in prison and Evans roughs him up. Interestingly, 6’5” Schreiber is wearing lifts to be even taller than 6’ Evans. Just want to know whose idea the lifts were.

Then Betty Gabriel bonds with Evans over incarcerated family—her brother’s in prison, which she apparently told him over the years and he didn’t share about his dad. Because they’re not friends.

Gabriel also warns Evans Schreiber has something great in the case because he’s overconfident.

Through in some quick distraction about Jaeden Martell going online with a crappy self-made meme based on American Psycho: The Movie because American Psycho: The Movie is big with the tweens in 2020. Though I suppose it’s at least not a Paramount release. The family talks and watches multiple Paramount eighties favorites (Paramount produced the show for Apple TV+). Though this episode has Daniel Henshall watching Invasion of the Body Snatchers when the cops search his house because Hale Lytle comes forward with some information about Henshall. Lytle and mom Therese Plaehn are some of the better actors in the show.

Anyway—Martell going online. Evans yells at him about it. It’s a thing.

There’s also a chase scene when a car is following Michelle Dockery on her daily jog. It ought to be a good scene. It’s terrible. Morten Tyldum’s is terrible. Thank goodness the story’s not more thrilling, the show would be even worse.

The end has shrink Poorna Jagannathan giving Evans and Dockery the summary of her findings on Martell. It’s the Friday before the trial or something, and Martell’s birthday, which doesn’t matter at all. Except to show Martell’s character development so far in the series—thanks to his ordeal, he’s started liking metaphor in literature.

As Chris Evans, in the grand jury bookend, tries to emote, it occurred to me this show would be amazing—with all its problems—if only they’d gotten Edward Norton.

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