Agents of Atlas (2009) #4


Parker brings his two stories together to great success, even if Clayton Henry’s art is uglier this time around (last issue they seemed to be going some kind of connection to Pagulayan’s–here it’s clean and bright, kind of like art on action figure packaging).

But, again, Hardman’s art makes up for it. Parker ties his two stories together with a nod toward Brubaker’s recent Captain America flashbacks–seeing Gorillaman in a Brubaker and Epting Cap scene is a little nutty and not at all played for humor, Parker’s way too subtle for it (which makes him a little different from Marvel’s last wunderkind, Dan Slott)–but also with a hint at the depth of the future stories. It’s Levitz’s ABC method, only applied to Marvel (but in a very pre-Didio DC way).

The issue ends with everything brought modern, which gives it a lovely feel. Parker’s just fantastic.

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  1. vernon wiley

    I’m not sure if it helps, but Parker has included an intro page at the front of every issue with a recap. Each has been pretty imaginative at repeating similar info from issue to issue. I can’t remember if this was the team up/fight issue with The Avengers, but I thought the cross action between group members and the excellent double splash page was something that really worked and few artists are skilled enough to deliver these days. Oh yes, give us some cover repros if you can, it helps when dealing with past issues, thanks!

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