The Incredible Hulk 54 (August 2003)

774294And here’s that double-issue long Hulk fight Jones has never done before and now it’s clear why… Because he’s no good at it. Jones and Deodato have a rhythm to the fight. There’s the fight, there’s the side action (sometimes the Abomination’s wife, sometimes the bad guys in a helicopter). Those are usually six panel pages. So you get little panels for big fight moments. Or there’s the half double-page spread device, which Deodato uses a lot.

Here’s the thing about Deodato’s art. He knows how to compose the frame. With the half double-page spreads, action starts on the left page, moves to the right. It’s wholly competent and incredibly boring. The fight’s just Hulk and Abomination saying nasty stuff to each other between punches, at least it could look engaging.

Jones sort of resets the ground situation at the end, which is good, Hulk needs it.



Dark Mind, Dark Hearts, Part Five: Welcome to Entropy; writer, Bruce Jones; artist, Mike Deodato Jr.; colorist, Studio F; letterers, Richard Starkings and Wes Abbott; editors, Warren Simons, John Miesegaes and Axel Alonso; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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