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Sons of Anarchy 7 (March 2014)

SOA 07 CoverEd Brisson takes over Sons of Anarchy with a good pulpy story about a guy investigating the death of a friend's junkie son. I assume the guy and the friend are on the show, but since I haven't seen the show, it's just a guy and his friend.

The issue's paced rather well, with a couple good surprises in it. There's a deliberateness to how Brisson shows the investigation. Since the protagonist solves the case relatively early Brisson has to extend the resolution. Instead of seeming forced, it plays organically. It's a very well put together comic, even if it doesn't need the licensing brand. The story's solid on its own.

The art, from Jesús Hervás is okay, but on the lower end of it. It's definitely moody and expressive with the figures and settings but it's a little too rough. The inking doesn't compliment the pencils maybe.

Still, good.



Writer, Ed Brisson; artist, Jesús Hervás; colorist, Stephen Downer; letterer, Ed Dukeshire; editor, Dafna Pleban; publisher, Boom! Studios.

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