Lazarus (2013) #5

Lazarus  5

Maybe all Lazarus needed was some context. Rucka finally shows life for regular people–presumably these new cast members will be returning after their little adventure this issue. He doesn’t spend so much time on exposition for them either. He just shows their lives in this future. For Forever and her story, there’s always a lot of explaining.

But the issue also shows Forever in charge (though Rucka’s flashing back to her upbringing when she wasn’t) and these are good scenes. There’s a great standoff with a rival gang, there’s a great standoff with the daughter of a subject Forever had executed. Rucka’s definitely using Lark to his fullest this issue, those pensive Lark expressions.

It might also help the series is past the “pilot” stage. Even with all the exposition, Rucka’s a lot more comfortable and confident in the future details. Or maybe there are just less of them.

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