Call of Duty: Final Hour (2013, Jared Pelletier)

So Call of Duty: Final Hour is some kind of video game fan short, but besides the hackneyed opening where a film strip plays in a different aspect ratio and something similar at the end, it’s just a strong little bit of filmmaking.

There’s a lot of great production value–the World War II setting, there’s a CG airplane at one point–and director Pelletier has a wonderful sense of how to bring things together. His action moments are fast and confusing at the start of the short, but then he slows things down–with help from composer Daniel Ciurlizza–and the second half of the short becomes rather affecting.

Excellent photography from Erik Tallek too. Good sound design.

Cynically speaking, Pelletier is just turning a video game cutscene into a short film, but the ending to this short shows he’s going for something far more ambitious with the work.



Directed by Jared Pelletier; written and produced by Pelletier and Eric Tallek; director of photography, Tallek; music by Daniel Ciurlizza.


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