Siege: The Cabal (2010) #1


I guess The Cabal is a comic book. It’s really a zero issue to Siege, with Norman Osborn and Dr. Doom duking it out. There’s some other lead-in stuff going on (it’s nice how Marvel’s crossovers are so simple–it’s never hard to figure out the ground situation). But really, it’s just (for me) an excuse to see Michael Lark draw superheroes. As a confirmed Lark-lover, seeing him do a half talking heads book and the rest action book was, really, worth my four bucks.

Bendis’s dialogue is fine. I know people have turned on him but he’s still decent. Not sure if he intended Norman and Loki to come off as gay, but they do. And I really would love to see Dr. Doom kill the Osborn kid. Harry. Forgot his name there for a second.

The only thing I don’t understand is Sentry being bad now.