John Carpenter’s Asylum 1 (May 2013)

273545 20130529165335 largeAsylum is kind of a strange book. First, it’s a John Carpenter movie property turned into a comic. Bruce Jones writing, Leonardo Manco illustrating, these are guys with a lot of experience doing comics. They should be able to properly break out a comic.

But they don’t. This issue is incredibly rushed. Manco’s doing something like ten panels on some pages, mixing little horizontal ones where you can’t follow the action and then tall ones where he’s showing the conversation. Jones has a lot of conversation in the issue; it feels like he’s adapting a script (the credits aren’t clear).

Even with those considerable problems–Manco’s even skipping establishing shots–the comic isn’t terrible. It’s The Exorcist with cops and naughty priests. It’s slightly scary, thanks to the art, and Jones does establish the leads well. He just doesn’t write them well together.

It’s an interesting mess of a comic.



Writer, Bruce Jones; artist, Leonardo Manco; colorist, Kinsun Loh; letterer, Janice Chiang; editor, Sandy King; publisher, Storm King Comics.

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