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Lazarus (2013) #4

Lazarus  4

I’m going to have to talk a lot about the Lark art because there’s not much story to discuss. Except maybe how the scientist sister has the hots for the poor boy scientist she works with. Or maybe not. But it did give me another sentence and another sentence is a lot for a discussion of this issue.

It’s an all action issue. As much as I love Lark–and he’s back on the ball this issue, no slacking here–seeing him do prolonged action is boring. It’s amazing if concise, boring if too long. It’s way too long this issue.

There’s some intrigue with the rest of the family, most of it entirely predictable. There’s a tiny character moment for Forever with the other Lazarus, but it’s slight.

The soft cliffhanger’s inane. It’s far from Rucka’s worst script on the series, but it’s a tepid outing to be sure.

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