The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones 11 (November 1983)

22343It’s another great plot from Michelinie. He writes some decent exposition too. His dialogue is inconsistent though. For whatever reason he can’t write Indy’s dialogue. Everyone else’s is fine though. Very strange. I think it has to do with him writing Indy as a tough guy first, smart guy second.

The issue has Indy sort of taking a second job as a treasure hunter for a mysterious rich guy. This guy’s band of Arab ninjas (Michelinie’s description) gets Indy out of a jam in the opening. The rich guy then appears to pitch Indy the job–finding the fourth nail from Christ’s cross.

It’s all compelling–it feels very grand–and there are some excellent moments. Michelinie implies subplots without expanding on them, which is interesting–or forgetful.

The Gammill pencils are rather nice too.

Problems aside, the comic has lots of charm and technical qualities. Not bad at all.


The Fourth Nail, Chapter One: Blood and Sand!; writer, David Michelinie; penciller, Kerry Gammill; inker, Sam de la Rosa; colorist, Julianna Ferriter; letterer, Joe Rosen; editor, Louise Jones; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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