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Fatale 13 (March 2013)

902932I’m not sure if Brubaker’s intentionally doing homage or you just can’t do a Western anymore but this issue nods nicely to both John Ford and Unforgiven.

Once again, it’s a new protagonist, a woman in the Old West with the same affliction as Jo. Bonnie, I think. Brubaker summarizes her early life then shows her big adventure, if something so traumatic can be an adventure, where she finds out a little about herself.

Along the way she meets up with a Native American outlaw and a professor of the occult–not at an accredited institution, of course.

Phillips drawing a Western is awesome, as is Brubaker writing one. They ought to try one without the Cthulhu stuff. Just a good Western.

The end has a little surprise. Brubaker instead concentrates on the character development. He’s going to have a hard time maintaining this writing quality in multi-issue arcs.


Down the Darkest Trail; writer, Ed Brubaker; artist and letterer, Sean Phillips; colorist, Elizabeth Breitweiser; publisher, Image Comics.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Fatale really gets better with age. While I agree with you completely on Brubaker’s track history of finishes, these done in ones are just extrordinary. It’s funny, but as Jo’s healing becomes more and more a part of her, due to her relationships with men and their follies, I’ve determined that this series is about one person, an immortal who is cursed to live and return to a sad situaltion as the men around her age and die and are replaced with younger ones, and new stories that rerun her fate. We’ll see where Brubes takes this. You’re right. It’ll be very hard to maintain this level of quality. Lookin damn forward to readin them, though.

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