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Our Lady of the Sphere (1972, Larry Jordan)

A scene from OUR LADY OF THE SPHERE, directed by Larry Jordan.

Our Lady of the Sphere has two definite narratives. Jordan’s cut-up animation seemingly defies narrative, as eggs are landing on the moon, which then grows flowers, but I found two definite ones.

The first has to do with a falling child. Jordan opens Sphere with the child falling, later showing the fall begin (and end). The first half of Sphere, moving through time and space, seems narrative free until the child reappears. Once he or she does, Sphere‘s structure becomes much more recognizable.

There’s a circus and airship sequence, which is particularly beautiful, if relatively free of connection to the rest of the short.

Jordan ends it with the titular Lady and an inference she’s trying to find her sister (or a female friend), who has been lost.

Of course, everyone might read something different in Sphere. Jordan’s outstanding animation is its own thing; interpretations are just for fun.



Directed by Larry Jordan.


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