A scene from PLASTIC MAN IN 'PUDDLE TROUBLE,' directed by Andy Suriano.

Plastic Man in ‘Puddle Trouble’ (2006, Andy Suriano)

I wonder if Plastic Man producers Tom Kenny and Andy Suriano ever saw “Ren and Stimpy.”

It’s not bad, just highly derivative of forty years of other cartoons without ever getting appropriate credit. Suriano takes enough time to put cute kitten pictures in a community service office (Plastic Man’s base of operations), but not enough to wink at his influences.

There’s a manic energy to the cartoon–Plastic Man chases around a villain who can assume any form of water–but only the last gag is memorable. Suriano tries hard with the others, which should be easy because Plastic Man changes shapes, sizes and so on, but none of them come through.

The last gag has a good punchline too. It helps a little.

Kenny’s not particularly special voicing Plastic Man, but I’m not sure he needs to be. Dave Coulier’s parole office sidekick sort of falls short.

Plastic flops.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed by Andy Suriano; screenplay by Suriano, Tom Kenny and Ian Busch, based on the character created by Jack Cole; edited by Rob Desales; music by Andy Paley; produced by Suriano and Kenny.

Starring Tom Kenny (Plastic Man), Dave Coulier (Archie) and Dee Bradley Baker (The Human Puddle).


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