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The Half Men (March 2013)

Halfmencover2The Half Men is peculiar. Kevin Huizenga has three stories for it; the first involves this mythical land where every written word is transformed into the landscape. Very odd stuff. He doesn’t make it “realistic” so much as imaginative. The end may or may not imply it’s the brain.

Then he does two stories retelling old comic books. The first is about a family of explorers–updated to include Huizenga’s familiar protagonist, Glenn Ganges, but as an older man–off to save the Aboriginals. They end up on a lost world type island, which kicks off a caveman adventure thing. It’s striking because Huizenga retains the… politics of sixties story, which seems like it should be at odds with his sensitive art. The friction is wonderful. Some particularly lovely panels here.

The finale is strange hollow earth sci-fi but about sad men thing. It’s underwhelming; the story’s too simplistic.


Writer, artist, colorist and letterer, Kevin Huizenga; publisher, USS Catastrophe.

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