The Private Eye 2 (7 May 2013)

272157 20130507115814 largeLet’s see what happens this issue. The lead has a sidekick. A teenage girl or something; she can do all sorts of stuff because she hasn’t relinquished her identity yet. He’s also got a partner in the sister of a dead client.

Then there’s some stuff with the bad guy, who apparently runs a cult.

There’s nothing with the grandfather, who was the best part of the previous issue.

So what does The Private Eye still have going for it? I don’t know… it’s cost effective? Marcos art feels rushed, which is fine, he’s doing a creator-owned digital only comic. This issue’s art definitely suggests he’s going to continue to slack though.

As for Vaughan? He too seems to have expended all his effort on the first issue. There’s nothing interesting this time. He’s just treading water, maybe doing a couple laps.

It’d be upsetting if it weren’t cheap.


Writer, Brian K. Vaughan; artist, Marcos Martin; colorist, Muntsa Vicente; publisher, Panel Syndicate.

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