The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones 8 (August 1983)

22340Michelinie wraps up the story with an all action issue. He splits it, after bringing everyone together a couple times, between the Nazis and Indy and Marion. They all discover this lost tribe of evil Atlantis descendants. It would seem the only reason the tribe is evil is to give Michelinie an excuse to keep killing them whenever a scene needs to progress. They’re really tall too; apparently Marion’s just as good as hand-to-hand combat as Indy.

Gammill and de la Rosa continue to do a good job on the art, but since it’s an action comic–with digressions–set in the jungle, there’s not much for them to draw.

There’s really nothing to this issue; Michelinie doesn’t even take the time for character moments. He rips off the end of Raiders, which you’d think Marion or Indy would comment on (they don’t).

It’s harmless and utterly pointless.


Africa Screams, Chapter Two: Crystal Death; writer, David Michelinie; pencillers, Kerry Gammill and Sam de la Rosa; inker, de la Rosa; colorist, Paul Becton; letterer, Janice Chiang; editor, Louise Jones; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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