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Nowhere Men 5 (March 2013)

Nowhere Men 5During a fight scene, one of Stephenson’s survivors takes the time to tell her adversary about being bullied over her skin color as a kid. He’s swinging a flaming stick at her. It’s a bad scene.

Other stuff in the issue makes up for it. Ben Grimm’s friend discovers his superpower–he’s sort of the Flash–and the old guys have some really good moments. But not a lot else in the issue is memorable, maybe because Stephenson is holding off on the superpower revelations.

Or because the scenes with the old guys just goes on and on. Not in a bad way, Stephenson writes them–the rock star scientists–far better than their distressed employees. In fact, Stephenson has so much to do–he brings in the big villain–he only slightly touches on some of his other subplots.

It’s okay, but Nowhere Men hasn’t done anything impressive yet.


Writer, Eric Stephenson; artist, Nate Bellegarde; colorist, Jordie Bellaire; letterer, Fonografiks; publisher, Image Comics.

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