The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones 3 (March 1983)

22335There’s not a single woman in this issue; it helps O’Neil’s writing immensely.

The plot itself isn’t too bad. Indiana Jones saves a kid from getting lynched, then discovers the kid is really (or attests to be) 200 years old and his grandfather has the secret of immortality. Indy fights with the older one and there are a lot action set pieces. O’Neil really packs the issue with action scenes, can’t complain about him there.

But he sets the issue somewhere in the United States. Indy’s fighting Deliverance rednecks on one side and warmongering U.S. Army goes on the other. And O’Neil never reveals the location, even though Indy asks someone. Probably trying to cover a dumb answer.

O’Neil’s narration for Indy shows his continued disinterest in the comic; I’m being polite, he’s either disinterested or incompetent.

The multiple artists do decent work.

For period adventure, it’s nearly passable.


The Devil’s Cradle; writer, Denny O’Neil; pencillers, Gene Day and Richard Howell; inkers, Mel Candido and Danny Bulanadi; colorist, Bob Sharen; letterer, Janice Chiang; editor, Louise Jones; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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