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Halloween: 30 Years of Terror (August 2008)

Halloween: 30 Years of Terror–more specifically, writer Stefan Hutchinson–is going to make me make avery bad pun. It’s not 30 Years of Terror, it’s thirty pages of terrible.

I’ll get the art out of the way. Danijel Zezelj is excellent, Jim Daly’s medicare, Brett Weldele’s good, Jeffrey Zornow and Lee Ferguson are medicore, Tim Seeley’s mediocre. There, done.

Hutchinson’s idea of a Halloween special is to do a crappy sequel to the first two movies while setting up the second two Jamie Lee Curtis sequels. Occasionally, he’ll have a good idea and then his terrible writing will drag it into the dumps. The comic’s very gory and if he’s celebrating the anniversary of the original movie… well, it’s not gory at all. 30 Years is never intelligently scary. Hutchinson’s too cheap.

It reads fast, the art’s occasionally good, but Hutchinson’s writing is absolute crap. Halloween deserves more respect.


Trick or Treat; artist, Danijel Zezelj; colorist, Nick Bell. P.O.V.; artist, Jim Daly; colorist, Rob Ruffalo. Visiting Hours; artist and colorist, Brett Weldele. Tommy and the Boogeyman; artists, Lee Ferguson and Jeff Zornow; colorists, Zornow and Ruffalo. Repetition Compulsion; artist, Tim Seeley; colorist, Elizabeth John. Writer, Stefan Hutchinson; letterer, Ed Dukeshire; editors, Stephen Christy and Cody DeMatteis; publisher, Devil’s Due Publishing.

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