Agents of Atlas (2009) #11


Parker wraps it all up nicely, answering some half-asked questions (i.e. what was the dragon thinking sending him over to see Jade Claw without a briefing), while not seeming like he’s doing anything abrupt. There’s even something organic about it, since Temugin joined the team at the start and now he’s off on his own, returning the status quo.

Unfortunately, the art’s split between Hardman and Panosian, with an emphasis on Panosian, so it doesn’t look as good as it could. But Parker nicely does an almost all-action issue, giving the impression of no dramatic points or even breathers (but they’re there, in fact, the the issue takes place over two days, but I didn’t remember that point–having read it ten minutes ago–until I looked back).

It’s a fine close to the series–Parker gets most of his threads closed.

But I need more Atlas.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Yes, I can hardly believe how much Parker gives us in only eleven issues before it's cancelled, and STILL it doesn't feeel cramped or trunicated. This book should be a template for writers on how to assemble a comic. Despite it's limited run and the impressive size of it's cast, everyone is fairly well fleshed out, and their motivations demonstrated in a convincing manner. It even displays a sense of genuine humor among it's pathos which gives it a sense of sophistication no other team books nowadays seem to be able to demonstrate. All this with a half dozen artists over less than a dozen comics. Incredible. Sheesh, if there was one book Marvel should have gotten behind and subsidized towards trade paperback profitability, this one was it. Shame on you, Marvel, for letting this one slip away. It's new status as a team up book with the X-Men and the Avengers, then a back up in Hercules, of all places, shows what little Marvel truly understands about publishing good comic books.

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