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Deadenders 4 (June 2000)

I think this issue finishes Deadenders‘s first arc. Brubaker sends it off on a high point, but only because he finishes the issue with a short Archie-style story. The rest of the issue is a mess.

He follows a government scientist who interviews Beezer. Now, nothing happens in the story–we even miss the one interesting moment with the scientist, after a lot of teasing about it–except exposition and backstory.

It’s lazy, convenient writing and it brings nothing to the series. Even Pleece and Case seem to give up. The art, from the second or third page, is boring. Maybe because Brubaker’s still keeping the calamity secret–we do get a couple hints–but more likely because there’s nothing to see here. And only a little more to read.

It’s competent, through and through, but utterly pointless.

A series shouldn’t be having pointless issues only four in.



Stealing The Sun, Part Four; inker, Richard Case. The Last Days; inker, Jay Stephens. Writer, Ed Brubaker; penciller, Warren Pleece; colorists, Bjarne Hansen and Heroic Age; letterer, John Costanza; editors, Will Dennis and Shelly Roeberg; publisher, Vertigo.

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