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Deadenders 3 (May 2000)

Brubaker outdoes himself this issue. He achieves a startling moments of emotion, which isn’t easy to do in a comic book, but he does it here. Obviously, Pleece and Case have a lot to do with it… but it’s Brubaker. He brings home a great moment.

That great moment comes after a rather mediocre first two thirds. It’s a very good mediocre–Brubaker’s scenes are well-written and Pleece and Case do a fine job on the art (not great as they’re drawing the nice future city and nice future cities look the same usually)–but it’s mediocre. It’s more of the linear progression of protagonist Beezer and his interchangeable comrades engineering the eventual surprise.

Brubaker does develop subplots, though I hope at least some of them are story texture and not full subplots. Deadenders‘s world feels undercooked at times.

The cliffhanger’s predictable, but it doesn’t matter. Brubaker scores big.

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