A scene from SUNDAY, directed by Klaus Georgi and Lutz Stützner for DEFA-Studio für Trickfilme.

Sunday (1971, Klaus Georgi and Lutz Stützner)

Sunday opens with lovely music from B. Güttler and a slow zoom to the planet Earth. The zoom is actually fades, with retouched photographs immediately giving the short a particular feel. There isn’t a lot of motion in Sunday. Often the animated figures are superimposed over photographs and movement is minimal. Maybe three or four of the shots.

The short is very brief, which means directors Georgi and Stützner have to get their thesis across quickly. It helps they have their totalitarian guards frisk the Pope about halfway through. The whole world is in line for something, Pope included.

I can’t spoil what everyone’s in line to experience, but it’s rather unexpected. I suppose I can at least say Sunday has a dystopian setting, though it’s unclear who’s in charge besides the guards.

Güttler’s beautiful score and the directors patience–and excellent reveal–make Sunday a nice little animated short.



Written and directed by Klaus Georgi and Lutz Stützner; music by B. Güttler; produced by Ingrid Tzschoppe; released by DEFA-Studio für Trickfilme.


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