Swamp Thing 52 (September 1986)

Moore brings Swamp Thing fully into the regular DC Universe here, sporting not just Gotham’s finest but also a Lex Luthor cameo. It’s wordless and only one panel, but Veitch and Alcala’s Lex is definitive for the comics. He’s bald and clearly disturbed. Sadly, their Batman panel (closing the issue) isn’t good. Odd jaw on him.

This issue expands Swampy’s powers too; maybe Moore knew they’d look more impressive in a city than in the swamp or on the plains of the afterlife. It’s imaginative and stunning.

Not the mention there’s the great scene with Swamp Thing reuniting with Abby. Moore’s able to include action, but also their quiet character moments, but also the turmoil Abby’s been through.

But what I can’t figure out is why DC didn’t get Moore to write Batman comics. He clearly gets it (his Gordon and Bullock are great).

It’s a really smart popcorn comic.

One Comment

  1. vernon wiley

    Hmmm. .following on your comment about Moore not writing Batman. I may be wrong, but all he ever did was fill ins other than Swampy, which was probably scheduled for cancellation anyway. It sure seems he was able to run with whatever he did here, which wouldn’t of been the course had he written Bats. I would like to imagine Moore opting for creative freedom on his own creations after his retake on the Charlton heroes, and I can’t imagine DC saying no….

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