Watchmen 7 (March 1987)

And here’s the Dan and Laurie–sorry, Nite Owl and Silk Spectre–issue. It’s an exceptionally strong aside from the rest of the comic. Moore sticks to only the two characters. The rest of the cast is either on TV (Rorschach and Adrian) or just present in the air (Jon). It’s a gentle issue, full of humor–and pop culture references.

Most of the issue’s a talking heads book, with the present action taking place over an evening. Dan’s finally picked up some sugar and he and Laurie start talking about his Nite Owl days and the technology behind it.

The visual pacing of the talking heads stuff is interesting, with Gibbons filling in a lot of detail he probably didn’t need to include. The pages are packed with dialogue. The rest is eye candy.

Then towards the end, when the issue opens up, Gibbons changes over to lush visualizations.