Watchmen 6 (February 1987)

And now the Rorschach issue. Even though Moore borrows the hacksaw from Mad Max, a lot of people have borrowed the vicious vigilante in jail from him so it evens out.

It’s an excellent issue with one little problem. Moore’s too hard on the psychiatrist. He’s supposed to be this goofy happy guy–one’s got to wonder if Cliff Huxtable was the model–and his experiences trying to interview Rorschach turn him into an abject fatalist.

It’s a great idea and it works out well in the end, but he’s not in the issue enough. I can’t even remember his name and I finished reading it ten minutes ago. The Rorschach flashbacks, their horror, overshadow the present action of the issue.

Like I said, the issue works. It’s horrifically disturbing and it’s a great comic. But, for the first time, Moore clearly states his goal and he doesn’t fully succeed.

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