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Watchmen 8 (April 1987)

This issue is mostly action. Or the Rorschach jailbreak makes it feel more like action than any other issue so far. There’s still a lot of content, with Moore playing around with the issues’ present actions, overlapping them. As a narrative move, it isn’t exactly profound but it creates a sense of events jumbling. Events jumbling fits Watchmen.

Moore opens the issue with Hollis Mason and Laurie’s mom talking on the phone and there comic, for the first time since Jon’s issue or some of the early Comedian flashbacks, becomes about aging. There’s a quiet, gentle sadness, especially given how the finish mirrors the opening.

The humor is also important again, with Rorschach’s time in jail being–in some ways–quite funny. The jailbreak sequence closes with Gibbons and Moore almost moving cross-purposes. Moore’s writing talking heads, Gibbons is drawing medium shots. The disconnect works.

The issue’s fine work.

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