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The Strange Talent of Luther Strode 3 (December 2011)

So, Luther comes out as a superhero this issue and has a terrible first night out. That aspect of the issue is somewhat predictable, though there’s probably nothing else Jordan could do to make the narrative work.

There’s a lot of humor this issue, particularly in the dialogue. Whether it’s Luther’s mom trying to act cool or he and Pete having a super-hip high school conversation, Jordan does rather well. He never goes overboard with the witty dialogue. The scene with Luther and his girlfriend, for example, is quite gentle.

This issue features maybe the most action so far, whether it’s Luther out on superhero patrol or the bad guy making an appearance or Luther trying to figure out the extent of his powers. For a high school comic, high school doesn’t really play any part anymore except to get the characters together.

It’s an excellent, if zippy, issue.

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