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Daredevil 98 (April 1973)

This issue Daredevil fights a guy whose power is creating optical illusions. Instead of just kicking his butt, Daredevil falls victim to the optical illusions. It’s like Steve Gerber doesn’t realize Daredevil’s actually blind. His powers might make it seem like he can see… but he can’t. Unless I’m missing something.

I mean, I had no idea Matt Murdock once lived in San Francisco with Black Widow. The domestic side of the issue is actually pretty nice. Gene Colan and Ernie Chan take a lot of time on the San Francisco setting and Gerber writes Matt and Natasha reasonably well together.

Sadly, the scenery is the best part of the art. Colan’s figures are incredibly bulky–I’m assuming it’s Chan’s inks–and while they’re still fluid in movement, they look silly when motionless.

Gerber also makes Daredevil really personable. He’s practically Spider-Man he’s so personable.

It’s mildly charming though.

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  1. vernon wiley

    God, seeing this cover brought some old memories. Steve Gerber seems like a perfect fit for Daredevil, who actually seemed to enjoy sharing billing with Black Widow back in those days. A lot of difficult art, too. I distinctly remember a huge run of these I had with Bob Brown or Don Heck. At least Colan was here. I think you’ll discover there’s about as many good inkers on Colan as there are fingers on one hand. Chan ain’t one of ’em.

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